Do you want a email address?.
Perhaps - oh yea, and it's free!

First let's explain how this will work.

It will be POP or Mail Forwarding to another account  -  (That means that the webmaster for creates a mailbox for you, which has YOUR name.
For POP: Mail is fetched by connecting to port 110 (POP3 protocol) and you have to identify yourself with userid/password.

For Forwarding: You provide me with an email address you want to use. All email sent to your with be forwarded.

For POP: You will have a quota of 15mb (that is a reasonable amount!)

FOr POP: You will need to set up your email client (outlook, outlook express, netscape, mozilla, eudora, etc.) with a new POP mail account using the following settings:

incoming mail server:
outgoing mail server:
username: (Use whatever email name you chose when you submitted the request).

(If your work or home ISP does not allow this, set it to the same outgoing mail server as other email accounts.
For example, with ATT it might be something like

If you use one of the previously mentioned email clients you will be able to send and receive email at your home or office using your email address. No more using the work email address to send out that personal hash information.

Fill out the form below. I will set up the account as as possible.    -- harddrive

Your nerd and you Hash name:
Home hash in the DC metro address:
Desired email address or forwarding email address:
Phone, just in case (OPTIONAL):
Please provide me current contact email address
I need this to let you know when you account is set up:
Additional comments: